We presented the first collection of bags in March 2000. The beginning of a long adventure at the crossroads of the crafts of art and innovation. And also the creation and the world of workshops...

"I was born in Paris and grew up in Lyon. I remember admiring the lace made in the family factory. I've always been passionate about fashion and creating on the one hand. And also through manual labor and handicrafts on the other hand. Lovers of volumes, I like above all to play with the codes of classic chic to subvert them. »

Luc Dognin

"Heir to a double culture, I was raised by a nomadic grandmother. At his contact I developed my taste for travel and encounters. Both Cartesian and nourished by Eastern civilization, I am passionate about architecture, image construction. And also history and travel, always looking for new horizons. »

Rafik Mahiout