Lyon silk and lace tulle

We called our brand DOGNIN, by reference to a family business of tulles and lace, founded in Lyon in 1805: the DOGNIN lace house.

Initially she made her name by bringing the modern tulle trade to Lyon, called the BOBIN trade and invented by the Englishman HEATHCOAT. In Calais cotton was woven, in Lyon silk tulle was woven. With the tulle "Illusion" began the fame of the House in the 1820s.

But it was above all the invention of Lyon lace in 1860 that made it famous. With a mechanical jacquarded tulle embroidered by hand, which made it possible to make very large drawings. Already innovation hybridized with the crafts of Art! This lace was a great success since the Second Empire.

It was all the know-how of silk applied to Lyon lace. On the one hand the art of large textile designs. On the other hand, a whole network of embroiderers in the Lyon region to re-brush the jacquardé tulle.

Elastic tulle and tergal tablecloths

The House then invented the elastic tulle in the 1930s, developed for the famous "Scandal" sheath. This accessory allowed to give support to the body with flexibility, after the disappearance of the corset.

Then it was the lace tablecloth of machine washable tergal in the 1960s. Always the idea of combining modernity with a fabric of wonderful refinement. The signature of THE DOGNIN lace!

The coat of arms

We have taken up the coat of arms from this story: it brings together those of the two cities where lace was made, Lyon and Calais. It is all the spirit of refinement inherited from this subtle fabric that we strive to transpose into the bag. The new fetish accessory of our time, after lace!

It is still the taste of the manufacture that we want to perpetuate.