The love of form

What we are passionate about in the development of bags is to create new volumes. Thinking first of their use: practical, light, pleasant to wear, easy to use, with the right countenance.

But we also hope that they are original, attractive, sometimes fun, surprising. To embellish everyday life or to dress up festive events.

These are values that bring us back to ecology because it is Nature itself that offers us the spectacle of a profusion of forms, a diversity and sometimes an incredible extravagance. These forms have always fascinated human beings. Moreover, the lost civilizations continue to mark our minds, by the beauty of the forms they have created.

Bring elegance, seduction. Because the bag is a fetish item. The accessory of desire...

Local manufacturing

Nos valeurs

All our bags are made entirely in our workshop, located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, in the heart of the Goutte d'Or district.

This commitment was born out of a desire to rediscover the spirit of "manufacturing": an industrial establishment where the quality of the workforce is paramount.

It is the idea of a symbiosis between creation and manufacturing, because both enrich each other. And also to rediscover the ecology of a product made entirely in one place.

An anchor and values recognized at the end of 2018 since one of our models, the SOLOGNE, was awarded the first prize of the Label "Made in Paris" in the category Fashion and accessories.

Innovation and crafts

The crafts of Art, this precious legacy of ancient times: to sublimate the material by the work of the hand to obtain an extra soul, an emotion.

Hybridizing innovation and the crafts of Art is an issue of the future. To broaden the scope of possibilities, while regaining harmony with the environment.

It is a work on the assembly, on the assembly of materials. It helps to generate new volumes, particular consistencys.