This bag has a secret architecture and is inspired by the full-bodied and rounded shapes of certain châteaux, like the ones encountered deep in the forests of the Loire Valley. The ornaments emerge at the surface of the leather, like low reliefs on tufa stone.

The symbolism is that of François I, the French King who was emblematic of the French Renaissance. His emblem, the Salamander, reputed to be capable of withstanding fire and even of putting it out, represents the power of the King over fire, and thus over humanity and the world. “I am nourished by it and I extinguish it” says his motto.

The Sologne was awarded First Prize by the “Fabriqué à Paris” (“Made in Paris”) Label. Apart from the invisible seams for assembling the bag, it is entirely hand-sewn.

• Closed by a snap hook

• Inside: two large compartments closed by flaps and a large removable zip case

SLN1: Width 25 cm – Height 28 cm – Depth 25 cm

SLN2: Width 21 cm – Height 24 cm – Depth 21 cm

SLN3: Width 18 cm – Height 23 cm – Depth 18 cm

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