The VILLANDRY implements an exclusive patented method of producing a leather that is flexible in three dimensions. For this model, angled strips of leather give volume to a fabric. This results in a particularly lightweight bag.

The fabric is produced by Kaji Orimono, a weaver located in Kyoto for over 150 years now. It is called Nishijin-ori, because it originated from the Province of Nishijin near Kyoto, where it has been woven for over twelve centuries.

It is one of the traditional fabrics that are most representative of Japan and is used for making kimonos. It uses various types of coloured threads, in particular gold, silver, or platinum threads that are assembled together during the weaving to form decorative elements.

The fabric is of rare fineness, its appearance changing with changes in the angle of incidence of the light, with unparalleled depth. Furthermore, it has been woven so as to be usable on both of its sides. That is why the bag is not lined, revealing both the inside and the outside, as well as its subtle translucence when the light passes through the diaphanous cloth…

• Removable and adjustable shoulder strap

• Gum base

VLD1: Width 38 cm – Height 44 cm – Depth 18 cm

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